Private Joseph Nolan

We honor you Private Joseph Nolan and give you a name in that unknown gravesite in Barrancas, Florida.

Joseph Nolan was born in Timbuctoo about 1847 to Susan and William Nolan(d). His cousin, Henrietta Wilson, came to live with her aunt, uncle and cousins when she was a young girl. She would marry Civil War soldier, Charles Love, just affter the war.

Joseph Nolan, joined the 25th Company H United States Colored Infantry in early 1865. He was only 18 years old. Three months later he died on June 3, 1865 from fever and diarrhea in a hospital in Barrancas, Florida. 58 Word came home of his death. Sadly, Susan and William would never attend their son’s funeral. In fact, when I researched Joseph’s burial site, I concluded that he was most probably buried in an unknown site or trench in the National Barrancas Cemetery in the Civil War African American Regiment section. Some of the sites were marked by regiment only; some were not. Some sites had as many as 15 unknown soldiers buried in the trench grave.

Private Joseph Nolan


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